About HICS

Hybrid Institute of Contemporary Studies, Ltd. is a relentlessly progressive organization, headquartered in the province of Punjab. It's command center is based out of Lahore (the lively city), yet it is able to operate in multiple provinces, and different regions of the world, through the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). Hybrid Institute aims to serve as a global catalyst to boost synergy between people, communities, public and private organizations as well as various governmental agencies, in order to provide practical, skills-based and entrepreneurial education to our youth.

The visionaries behind the conceptualization of the Hybrid Institute of Contemporary Studies realize that we live in VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) times, where the world is rapidly changing, economic booms and busts are taking place constantly, disruptive innovation is the norm rather than the exception, and unprecedented shifts in global powers is a routine phenomenon.

When we started planning for the launch of the Hybrid Institute, we used a process called “Design Thinking”. This methodology helps solve problems by gathering insights from and creating solutions for the “end users.” We asked learners “How would you improve your learning experience?”

What learners said is the foundation of how Hybrid Institute looks and feels, how our trainers teach, how our students learn, and how our staff members support every learner through each and every course offered by us.

In their feedback, students that we surveyed unequivocally said:

  • University isn't relevant.
  • We want to know why we are learning what we're learning.
  • Get us out of classrooms!
  • Bring an end to the typical lecture after lecture after lecture.
  • We are afraid we'll graduate without talking to even one working professional from the field of our interest.
  • No one in my family has obtained higher education. How do I get there?
  • Help me understand how I can get a job making enough to take responsibility for my family.
  • I'm bored as I wait for others in my class to catch up.

Through the “Design Thinking” process, we propose to turn the centuries-old model of higher education upside down to meet the needs of our youth. What we do have is passion for your success and a commitment to knocking down barriers that might be in the way of achieving your dreams. Our efforts led to the development of the unique "DIAMOND" Teaching Framework.

  • Distinctively Learner Centered: Our state-of-the-art LMS system will help you develop self-discipline by intellectually stimulating and intrinsically motivating you
  • Intentionally Flexible: a schedule built around your hectic lifestyle and the freedom to choose in–person, live, web-based, or sessions in a mix-mode format
  • Absolutely Competency-Based: Our courses are goal oriented, outcomes-based and results driven. Guaranteed!
  • Meticulously Professional: Our trainers are industry-immersed field practitioners and best in terms of training, expertise and dedication
  • Orderly Individualized Focus: Our trainers will keep you motivated and help you to focus on understanding the concepts
  • Necessarily Employer Approved: Discover skill-building courses that will help you get hired and advance your career.
  • Deliberately Hands-On (Minimal Theory): Our courses have a distinctive focus on practice-oriented learning

In the face of rising global unemployment, turbulent economic times, age of hyper-competition, ultra high-velocity markets, and looming financial crises, Hybrid Institute of Contemporary Studies (HICS), is proud to be Pakistan’s leading STUDENT-FIRST institute that aims to uplift the spirit of our youth by boosting their academic level, technical expertise and soft skills.

The Hybrid Institute is the number one choice for students interested in:

The most up-to-date knowledge about the leading edge “technologies”

Deeper-level skills leading to top-tier employment or freelancing opportunities

Genuine expertise in the academic courses taught at their institutions

Why study with HI?

We are proud of being young, flexible and innovative in the way we engage with our students and create change that can impact around the world. At HI, we are extremely passionate about simplifying education, clarifying concepts and sharing knowledge. This passion is demonstrated in the training we deliver to our students.

Studying with HI means affordable, 24/7 access to education where learning is concentrated on its practical use that can open up limitless possibilities for you.

At HI, our academic coaches and one-on-one sessions with them, ensure that every word, phrase and sentence is understood and absorbed by the learner. Our instructors do not give you midterms or finals to score your memory, rather we offer you case-studies and projects that challenge you and help you achieve a level of mastery that no other online courses dares to offer.

HI consists of highly skilled and professional instructors who are experts in their respective fields. We are the pioneer institute that is established with the philosophy in mind of putting students first and foremost.

Since our launch, hundreds of students have been trained who secured good jobs in the expanding IT and research industry. Contact us and secure your seat for upcoming trainings, events and seminars.

Partner With Us

Hybrid Institute welcomes individuals or organizations supporting our mission to volunteer or partner with us!

Strategic and innovative partnerships are at the heart of everything we do at the Hybrid Institute. We are driven by our ambition to build trust and opportunities, globally by forming long-lasting alliances.

Recruitment Partnerships

Looking for proficient researchers or developers! Your search ends here, as we produce skilled graduates having hands-on experience of solving practical problems. You can find the best option befitting with the needs and requirements for your team.

Project Partnerships

Different products designed by our graduates are employed by top-notch companies and their clients. Our professional project managers render their service for the provision of exceptional learning opportunities without compromising on the quality of the work. You just have to give us the hints about the product and we will carve it out for you.

Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships: To benefit the students of all the levels and ages, we collaborate with various institutions across the globe for appropriate implementation of educational and training assets. Our first concern is to make education within the reach of every individual. Just reach to us if you need our services to create new learning opportunities in your organization.