Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions listed here apply to all who partake in any of our services e.g. courses, training sessions, workshops, seminars, events, job placements and/or consulting projects.

1. Training Services

  • HICS or any of its associated staff members do not offer any claims or guarantees of applicability of our training or consulting services for the academic, career or personal growth of the registrants. It is the sole responsibility of the registrant to evaluate the suitability, usefulness and value of services rendered through the Hybrid Institute of Contemporary Studies (HICS) before registering.
  • Right of Admission is reserved. In case of disruptive / unreasonable conduct during the course/service rendered, future courses/services can be denied. The decision of the HICS’ management will be final in such cases.
  • The free Wi-Fi internet facility available on-site is only for web browsing and emails, and only limited to utility during training hours only.
  • In case of one-on-one training, if you are able to complete the course in less time, no refunds will be done. In case you wish to take additional courses during the time saved, you can do so by paying additional charges.
  • In the event of Holidays or the worst contingencies, the lost training hours will be compensated either during Weekends or Alternate Days (as per the convenience and availability of trainer and trainee).
  • HICS prohibits any kind of Audio and Video recording or photography inside its premises.
  • A trainee will not contact directly a trainer or an employee of HICS for the purpose of availing services or offering a paid or unpaid assignment or a job.

2. Payment of Services

  • Payments once made for training courses and exam vouchers will not be refunded.
  • For all the payment made by Bank Wire Transfer, bank charges have to be borne by the customer.
  • Payments made using credit cards through our payment gateway will involve a mark-up of up to 5% whereas payments made through PayPal would involve a mark-up of 10% due to currency exchange.

3. Pricing Disclaimer

  • All prices, products and offers on this website are subject to change without notice.
  • While we make sure to provide most accurate and up-to-date information, in some cases one or more items on our website may be priced incorrectly. This might happen due to human errors, digital images, technical errors, or other reasons.
  • Prices for batch or group training in classrooms, boot camp or virtual will differ from personalized or one-on-one trainings conducted.

4. Change of Price Terms

  • HICS reserves the right to change prices for all our services, products, deals or offers. These changes are done performed to market conditions, provider requirements, price changes, course termination, errors in advertisements and other extenuating circumstances. However, the price you paid at the time of purchase still holds for you.

5. Training Cancellation / Re-scheduling Policy

  • HICS may cancel or reschedule a class as per trainer’s availability or in the event of unavoidable circumstances. In case a participant wants to reschedule or cancel a class, a prior notice has to be sent on mail to your enrollment advisor 10 days before the scheduled training.
  • Adjustments are made at our sole discretion. These adjustments can be made in case of unsatisfactory service delivery from our end. The adjustments could be made towards any other training course or could be of any nature, such as-re-scheduling of training dates, choice of trainer, mode of training or courseware modules etc.
  • Course Fee includes – Training Fee & Courseware (accessible via HICS LMS) only. Exam Voucher Fee is not included in the Training Fee.

6. Term & Termination of Training

  • Course Fee, once paid, is non-refundable even before the commencement of the training program.
  • However, participants are entitled to get adjustments (not subjected to cash) in case a participant is not satisfied with the delivery of service. The maximum adjustment is limited to the *training fee* only (exclusive of the courseware/ official e-kits/ labs/ exam vouchers). Approval of adjustment requests are at sole discretion of HICS administration.
  • Certification Exam Voucher/ Training On-Demand/ On Demand/ MOOC on Demand/ eLearning/ Labs products are non-refundable, non-cancelable and non-redeemable on cash or credit.
  • Courseware once issued will not be taken back and no refunds will be done for the same.

7. Offers Policy

  • No offers can be clubbed and availed.
  • HICS reserves the right to change offers and discounts. Adjustments are made at our sole discretion.

8. Refund Policy – Exchange Rates

  • Exchange Rate fluctuations for international payments are unavoidable; it keeps on fluctuating on daily basis. All the refunds will be provided as per the currency exchange rates of the day/date of refund. The money is refunded in PKR and will reflect the exchange rate in effect on the date of the refund, equivalent to the amount originally paid.
  • We reserve the right to vary prices and rates in the event of changes in exchange rates or price rises. If the cost of any service increases due to Exchange Rate fluctuations, you may not receive the additional exchange rate costs. We are not liable in any way if any increase occurs.
  • For example, if the service experiences a price increase (the value of PKR reduces), HICS is not responsible for changes in exchange rates and may not refund you the increased price difference.