IBM Skills Gap

Developing your skills is no longer an option, but an absolute requirement.
In this rapidly growing world of Artificial Intelligence, it is said that within the next few years, more than 120 million workers, like you and I, will need to be retrained or reskilled in order to keep ourselves in the job market.

Artificial Intelligence has influenced our lives in so many ways in the past years and from what is seen, the influence is nowhere near to being over. Not only this, but on average, the time taken to learn a skill has also increased. Where a few years ago, it took 3 days to retrain yourself, the skills in 2018 took at least 36 days to be trained. This means that an average person, if not starting today, would only have more trouble when trying to learn skills in the future.

In this very crucial time, it is important to realise that there are a couple of things you can start working on today in order to secure your future tomorrow. It is only more alarming that, according to the IBM research only 41% of the CEOs that were surveyed actually said that their employees were ready with the skills and resources that were required for you to have new business strategies or plans implemented in the business.

You can easily find the step-by-step Strategies for your firm to have the most advanced skill set employees that is known by the name “The Enterprise Guide to Closing the Skills Gap.”

Even without the book, there are a few ways that you can do this. Most of these involve revitalizing your skills and improving your data analysis. One of the recommendations by IBM research was that a company should put its Artificial Intelligence and analytics to use to discover the talents and skills that the organisation currently consists of within its employees and to improve on a continuous culture of learning.

Being a part of a global economy so highly influenced by these technologically changing factors, every day is an opportunity for you to be top of your field. As is mentioned above, the time period taken to learn a skill has increased. With the developments and advancements that are being introduced regularly, the time to learn skills is only bound to increase. Take a step today to influence your tomorrow positively. If you learn your skills today, you will find that there is an entire market of employers just waiting for you to go to them and offer them the services they so desperately need to grow with the changing times. Reskill yourself today, in a low-cost economy like Pakistan to reap the benefits from the global economy. You save those firms the costs that are required to offer reskill trainings and that is a huge driver for firms to consider you since you will be aiding their profit with your skills and by reducing their costs!

Towards the end of this we would like to quote a few words from Ms Amy Wright, who is a managing partner at IBM talent and transformation.

“Organizations are facing mounting concerns over the widening skills gap and tightened labour markets with the potential to impact their futures as well as worldwide economies, Yet while executives recognize severity of the problem, half of those surveyed admit that they do not have any skills development strategies in place to address their largest gaps. And the tactics the study found were most likely to close the skills gap the fastest are the tactics companies are using the least.”