Strained Talent Market

As technology takes over all our walks of life, our generation couldn’t be further from being prepared for it. Although, that may prove to be an opportunity for you, today!

In an article from CIODIVE, our current employee industry is said to be a “strained talent market”. This means that there is very little skill and talent in comparison to the need of time where you need to give the most of your talents into coping with the rapid trend changes. It is stressed, and with reason, how this is a crucial time for people to up their game! If appropriate measures aren’t taken, it may lead to a headcount shrinkage.
Headcount shrink is defined as the reduction in the values used to determine required staffing levels or the time period where people who are paid, are not able to provide their services.

There is so much concern for lack of skills being offered by employees as it is called the “Cloud Skills gap being tremendous.”

Now, you must be wondering how this might concern us, people from average developing countries.
Being given the opportunities that are currently being offered to you, you can be on your A-game in no time. Your skills earned off of our setup, will prepare you for the world of tech. Where Managers are concerned about losing value and innovation with the retirement of their pioneers of technical advancement, you can swoop in and save their day! This might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Once well-acquainted with certain skills, you would be earning plenty amounts in your salaries.
Often concerns are shown that technology replaces man-power. However, this is not the case. According to one of the Chief Analytics Officer quoted in the article, despite the availability of technological assistance, companies lack the budget and maintenance costs that are incurred for their functioning.

Even conglomerates realize the importance of this change. Some of the largest online firms such as Amazon etc. are building up their eLearning platforms. Countering the current market needs, they have set-up expensive in-house talent development courses.

Being in a country so enrich with resources as ours, instead of spending millions on a course or two in these firms, you would be better to use a local firm that would cost so much lesser. After mastering the skills, you may go work abroad being a successful person in your line of career all based on your mastery of a few courses.