Unprecedented Change

One of the first things that the Harvard Business Review article mentions is the unprecedented change in the business world. This change starts from our most generic everyday choice of information technology. We have shifted from communication via weeks of transit to Nano-seconds of message delivery. We rely on our social media apps and other internet sources for the latest news and updates instead of the early morning newspaper reading and/or the local news channel. One of the biggest steps towards adapting to this change is that the firms with the right skills at the right time, have adjusted well into this new economy. However, those that lacked the innovation and skills, despite their capitals etc., have crippled under the pressure of this change. And it only acceptable that the change does not end here. So being the right person for the right jobs is to be your best work-suit.
According to the article, almost every firm needs to adapt one of the following three to prepare themselves and their employees for the near-future.

  • Upskilling

    This is when your company offers trainings to you and your colleagues to get acquainted with the latest technology upgrades to help you work faster and better! According to a recent report from Deloitte, “technology implementations fail rarely because the technology did not work but rather because people are not willing, or find it too difficult, to use them.”

  • Reskilling

    This is where there is a total shift in job descriptions due to the change in the market. These may be cost efficient if employed with the right strategy. However, contrary to the article, it may just be easier to hire new employees who have the right set of skills.

  • Asking for Government Investment

    Since private firms can only do so much, firms are often made to resort to ask for Government Assistance when it comes to reskilling the workforce. However, governments limit their investments to budgets and have set high criteria for firms who they actually consider worthy of the aid.

Assessing the three options that are a need of every firm, imagine the value of an employee who comes already prepared for the market changes and has all the skills a firm needs. Invest in your future by learning the skills needed with the facilities you have a front row seat to today whereas people all around the world are throwing dollars and dollars into meeting with the skills that have become a need. With these opportunities, nothing can stop you from being a savior to many firms who would be willing to hire your services to overcome the pressure of the economical changes that are making our firms crumble.