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Passionate about teaching? Looking for a platform on which to share your knowledge, connect with professionals, and enrich careers?

You've come to the right place.

At Hybrid Institute, our constant endeavor is to create a network of world-class instructors and industry-experts who, in turn, create high-quality courses that resonates with professionals the world over, cutting across domains, especially Big Data and Analytics, Digital Marketing, Media and Entertainment, Events and Hospitality, and Computer Science and Management.

Come join us on our journey!!!

What's in it for me?

We're glad you asked! The material you produce will be used to train learners worldwide, meaning increased visibility, a larger audience for your content, and the chance to become part of the elite training fraternity, worldwide!

Show me the money!

At the Hybrid Institute, we know the value of your time and effort & also understand that offering fair, flexible compensation options is a part of your business ethos. With our revenue-sharing model, you have the opportunity to earn tens of thousands of dollars every month!

  • Help changing the lives of millions of people by making education accessible
  • WE DARE : join a team that dares to try out new ideas and will support you in implementing your own
  • WE CARE : be part of a supportive, friendly team that values communication
  • WE PERSIST :we value pursuing long-term goals. We're not afraid of failures along the way. We'll help you fail fast and keep on going.
  • WE TELL IT AS IT IS: we believe in honesty, feedback, and value opinions at all levels. If you join our team, you'll have a voice and a place at the table.

Become An Official Hi5® Certified Trainer

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What Does It Take?

We are looking for experienced practitioners to join our team of trainers. You should:

  • Be an interactive, engaging presenter and high-energy style, skilled facilitator
  • have confidence in your subject knowledge and understanding
  • have demonstrable experience and domain expertise, preferably with relevant certifications
  • have a great deal of passion for teaching and sharing knowledge
  • have a commitment to develop and deliver best-in-class training to a global audience
  • have an ongoing commitment to developing your professional practice
  • be able to connect with people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds
  • be well organized and capable of meeting deadlines


  • Dedicated support staff takes care of all logistics for every workshop
  • Prepared content and coaching materials
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Participant workbooks
  • Workshop materials shipped directly to site
  • Marketing materials published and distributed to all potential attendees


  • Receive designation as a HI Certified Professional Trainer upon completion of trainer training
  • Control your calendar and availability
  • Set the maximum number of days you work per month
  • Enjoy passive income and generate unlimited sales commission
  • Earn additional income by submitting leads for customer training solutions; our professional sales team works to close your lead
  • Grow your platform as a thought leader and create additional revenue through collaborative curriculum development
  • Assist our content development team with producing new materials distributed for a global audience
  • Create and voice webinars
  • Network with a large number of highly successful and knowledgeable trainers
  • Learn from professionals in the field during our HI Certification program before hitting the road
  • Expand your personal and professional skills with a complimentary HI+ account


  • Tailor and deliver content in a professional, engaging and interactive style
  • Engage audience through dynamic PowerPoints, photographs and other audio visual components
  • Craft relatable stories that demonstrate real-life application
  • Ability to travel to training locations (as needed)
  • Earn additional revenue from selling a variety of resources, including onsite training, OnDemand courses and LMS eLearning courses

Our approach to training and professional development will support you to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged.