Certified Academic Research

Course Description:

The research methodology course is designed for students to learn to conduct quality research. Basic issues regarding the formulation of research questions, research design, and data collection and analysis are addressed. The course material encompasses both quantitative and qualitative methods in the discussion of the basic components of the research process: conceptualization and measurement, sample selection, and causal modeling. In addition to teaching techniques and conventions of doing research, the course also acquaints the student with critical issues in the philosophy of science, ethical questions, and how to write a research proposal.

Course Target Audience:

  • The one who have zero knowledge about research methodologies but need to make a research dissertation in the last year of university.
  • The senior students who get stuck in between while conducting a research and want to seek help for anything related to research methodology and its tools.
  • This course will also help teachers in order to get clarity while teaching research method courses.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs) or what will this course bring to you:

After successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Learn to start and manage your research project with confidence
  • Compare & contrast between thesis/dissertation versus other forms of assessment
  • Understand your role, responsibilities and expectations as well as your supervisors’ and other stakeholders
  • Develop quantitative and qualitative instruments (building questionnaires, interview guides etc), as well as choose appropriate data analysis techniques in qualitative and quantitative research and conduct such analysis
  • Write and prepare a concept report and research paper

Course Curriculum

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    Raesa Fatima. She has designed the course of research methodology which will help students in writing their graduate and post-graduate level thesis and dissertations. The course includes the step by step methodology. It will develop the understanding of all the essentials that are required to write a good thesis or dissertation. She is a graduate in English Literature from Government College University Lahore. A regular writer, teacher, and currently pursuing Mphil in English Literature.


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