APOES 1.0: All Pakistan Online Education Summit 2020


is Pakistan’s first and only digital summit that will be completely held online on 16th, 17th and 18th of May 2020. The Hybrid Institute is bringing this virtual summit to you in direct collaboration with University of Management and Technology, Virtual University, Acadeum and Quality Matters.

APOES 2020 will be broadcasted live to the interested audience
nationally as well as globally

Under the major theme of Embracing transformations: COVID-19 and Beyond, speakers, participants and exhibitors are being encouraged to attend and share their experiences, ideas, and research in this presenter-friendly platform created to counter the challenges of the world shaken by COVID-19 crisis. APOES 2020 aims to provide useful and supportive networking and collaboration opportunities to all teachers, scholars, scientists and researchers, who have been struggling to embrace the exigencies of the COVID-ridden teaching-learning practices in particular and life crisis in general.

In response to COVID-19, the Hybrid Institute has decided to open registration to this virtual summit at no cost to the participants. Participants will connect virtually to the summit through an online meeting link shared with the participants upon registration only.

In the wake of a global pandemic, Pakistan has been put through some very unprecedented scenarios. Nationwide lockdowns of all private and government institutions, curfew like closures of public places and confinement of the public to their homes.

In these challenging times it is our education sector that has arguably suffered the most. From the lowest all the way to the highest tiers of education teachers, students and parents have found it difficult to adjust to the new regulations and forms of education put forth by the government.

Online education has proved itself by revolutionizing the way students learn throughout the world but online education in Pakistan has been slow to roll out. In a way these lockdowns have been a blessing in disguise as it fast-tracked the implementation of online education throughout the country.

Intended Audience

The need for online education is a must for Pakistan to stay competitive in the world but the sudden transition from an analogue mode of education to a digital mode has given rise to many challenges for teachers, students and parents alike.

To address these challenges, Hybrid Institute of Contemporary Studies is proudly hosting The First All Pakistan Online Education Summit (APOES) on the 16th, 17th and 18th of May 2020.

The conference target audience is diverse and includes those working in the higher education, vocational education, K-12, corporate, government, military and regulatory bodies.

APOES 2020 Schedule & Abstract Booklet

Please click the button below to download the recently updated APOES 2020 Schedule and Abstract Booklet, which also includes recommendations to the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan (HEC) based on the direct feedback and valuable input provided by the national and international experts, researchers, speakers, teachers, students, parents and other concerned stakeholders.

The inaugural summit will include national and international keynote speakers which
have decades of experience between them in the field of online education.

Most importantly, the summit will include sessions that will have local teachers, students and parents talk about the benefits and challenges of the implementation of online education in Pakistan. Join us in finding solutions, exploring possibilities and discovering opportunities on 16th, 17th and 18th of May, 2020.

Register for FREE
Seats Are Limited

We would present participants with a digital certificate of attendance as well as a digital badge of participation with a nominal fee of 1,000 PKR. This would also register you for a free subscription of Hybrid Institute’s weekly digital newsletter for the remainder of the academic year as well as the post-summit whitepapers.

Click here for the payment instructions to obtain your digital certificate.

Attend the All Pakistan Online Education Summit to request the your certificate of participation

Deposit 1000 Rupees of processing fee in the bank based on the information provided below

Send us a screenshot of your bank slip to [email protected] with your full legal name

Hybrid Institute will confirm the payment of your fee that you deposited via email

Hybrid Institute will issue a soft copy of your certificate as well as a digital badge

Mezzi Marketing

Hybrid Institute of Contemporary Studies cordially invites you to the First All Pakistan Online Education Summit (APOES) as our distinguished guest. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing you, virtually.

Please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call at 0309-3339763 with regards to any enquiries.

Join us to discuss emerging trends and challenges
in higher education due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Join your fellow learning professionals, educators and administrators to hear from the experts and collaborate on solving the challenges we all face in higher education due to COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll get the chance to hear from regional and international experts regarding current and emerging trends in online learning, collaborate and network with your peers on top-of-mind challenges that may impact the future of higher education in Pakistan.

Organizer and Partners


The Hybrid Institute is proud to have excellent relationships with a number of supporters and sponsors. We extend our sincere appreciation, because without them this virtual summit would not be possible.

Click here to learn more about the sponsorship and advertising opportunities that are available for you.

We are always looking to create partnerships that give both the Hybrid Institute and sponsors maximum visibility and impact. We have multiple sponsorship opportunities available to prospective sponsors.

Please contact Ms. Maham Rashad at [email protected], the Social and Fundraising Chair, to explore our offerings and get more information.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors!

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