APOES 3.0: All Pakistan Online Education Summit 2021

COVID-19, despite its devasting global impact from education and economy to emotions and everything that binds humanity together, initiated and accentuated the need to accept change as the new normal.

APOES 1.0 and 2.0 in May and October of 2020 respectively, the first in the series of All Pakistan Online Education Summits, while embracing the current realities, contributed immensely in creating a regular platform for facilitation of meaningful digitalization of education, purposeful integration of technology, and deliberate avenue of collaboration. Its highly impactful talks, seminars, workshops, presentations, and interactions and global outreach inspired the participants to eagerly learn and improve digital skills, acquire new knowledge and gain qualifications that secure them a successful future. APOES 3.0 is structured to focus on three important features; namely, communication, collaboration and capitalization.

We invite you to join this mega event that will bring the greatest of the minds together to establish the essential foundation and dynamics for an accessible and equitable education system that is of high quality and relevant to the new world.

APOES 3.0 is structured to focus on three important features; namely, communication, collaboration and capitalization.

The Summit aims for threefold communication that

  • promotes sharing of ideas, technologies, resources,
  • prompts change in the participants’ behaviours, beliefs, and preferences, and
  • delivers relevant information unambiguously, so that the participants’ can decode it

APOES 3.0 provides an inviting platform by involving a diverse gathering of faculty, students, researchers, instructors, remote educators, teaching and graduate assistants, administrators, faculty support staff, organizations, EdTech companies and other passionate education professionals.

The event is suffused with networking opportunities that provide an open platform to

  • Engage with likeminded colleagues,
  • brainstorm with peers, and
  • inspire others.

The outcome has been and will be to open multiple avenues for different individuals and groups to come together and pool their energies and resources to promote e-learning.

After effective communication and successful collaborations, the time will be ripe to capitalize on the gains. The flow of collective energies will sweep away the hurdles to offer permanent and stable educational infrastructure, enabling the educational bodies to

  • tailor interventions
  • utilize available resources
  • promote a go-getter attitude in online teaching
  • manage virtual professionalism,
  • prepare adaptive instructors,
  • rethink assessment methods,
  • innovate grading strategies,
  • Moodle effortlessly,
  • introduce business models for higher education institutes,
  • create shielded environments,
  • formulate strategies to deal with Post-COVID-19 educational scenario,
  • teach specific student populations,
  • bridge divides,
  • instruct under-prepared students,
  • revamp thinking patterns, and
  • turn dreams into reality.


APOES 3.0 is designed to unlock the digital conundrum – a conscious correlated effort to embrace digital literacy, offer solutions to technological hitches glitches, and create bridges of growth to create a synchronically aligned global digital space (GDS).

APOES 3.0 envisages a more stable and technologically equipped GDS. The pandemic has become a reality to be reckoned with, to be accepted and followed as the digital ethos of our collective future. The struggle made during the last 9 months has borne fruit and we anticipate, with positive hope, to be able to showcase the results of unique collaborations underway. It is expected that our fledgling efforts will attain maturity to utilize the available resources and means through astute adaptability and simple yet innovative techniques.

Straight From The Experts
Our expert speakers will present practical frameworks for mastering: Useful Collaborations, Learning Management Systems, Remote Labs, Quality Assurance Frameworks, Proctoring Tools, Tutoring Systems, Assessment Solutions, Content Development, Strategies for Emotional Strength and Resilience and much more.

APOES 3.0 takes pride in showcasing real-time efforts made by various stakeholders involved in the digitalization of learning.

A group of spirited organizations led by Hybrid Institute showcased ‘Embracing Transformations: COVID -19 and Beyond’ early this year. We moved on and built on our efforts and produced APOES 2.0 ‘Accelerating Transformations: Equity, Access, Quality and Relevance. The digital surface is levelled and APOES 3.0 celebrates transformations. It demonstrates some collaborative works that have resulted out of the connections we have made during APOES 2.0. We have created a cohesive environment where all the stakeholders, instructional technologists, organizations, institutions, students, teachers and researchers are glued together. This collaborative spirit, which we have termed as ‘global digital community’, has created an immense momentum in our efforts towards becoming globally compatible.


APOES 3.0 builds on the issues and solution proposed in its last two sister summits. It reverberates with, underscores, and enhances the utility of ideas and themes that helped accelerate the digitally sound and equipped world. The themes of APOES 3.0 include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Cutting-edge practices and case studies
  • Leading-edge learning platforms
  • Distinctive approaches to instructional design
  • Innovative methodologies for online content development
  • Evolving digital tools and skills
  • Engaging gamification-based e-learning software
  • Effective learning management systems and remote labs
  • Purposive use of media and graphics for online learning
  • Post-digital pedagogy and future learning scenario
  • Gender digital divide and its social and academic implications


APOES 3.0 invites local and international researchers to submit abstracts of their papers by Monday, September 6, 2021, in the MS Word format, sent via the conference website. The abstract must clearly state the hypothesis and/or major objective(s) and the potential impact of the work. The work must be completely original and not previously published or presented.

The abstract must not exceed the maximum 300-word limit. The single paragraph abstract should be typeset in Times New Roman, 12 pt., regular, left-aligned (not justified) font with 1.5 line spacing. On top of the abstract paragraph, please write the topic statement. Below the topic statement, write the author(s) name(s), affiliation, contact number, and the correspondence email. Give up to six keywords at the end of the abstract. For referencing, authors are advised to follow APA style manual, 6th edition.

In the wake of a global pandemic, Pakistan has been put through some very unprecedented scenarios. Nationwide lockdowns of all private and government institutions, curfew like closures of public places and confinement of the public to their homes.

In these challenging times it is our education sector that has arguably suffered the most. From the lowest all the way to the highest tiers of education teachers, students and parents have found it difficult to adjust to the new regulations and forms of education put forth by the government.

Online education has proved itself by revolutionizing the way students learn throughout the world but online education in Pakistan has been slow to roll out. In a way these lockdowns have been a blessing in disguise as it fast-tracked the implementation of online education throughout the country.

Intended Audience

The need for online education is a must for Pakistan to stay competitive in the world but the sudden transition from an analogue mode of education to a digital mode has given rise to many challenges for teachers, students and parents alike.

To address these challenges, Hybrid Institute of Contemporary Studies is proudly hosting the All Pakistan Online Education Summit (APOES 3.0) on the 15th, 16th and 17th of October, 2021.

The conference target audience is diverse and includes those working in the higher education, vocational education, K-12, corporate, government, military and regulatory bodies.

APOES 3.0 Tenative Schedule

The inaugural summit will include national and international keynote
speakers who have decades of experience in the field of online education.

Most importantly, the summit will include sessions that will have local teachers, students and parents talk about the benefits and challenges of the implementation of online education in Pakistan. Join us in finding solutions, exploring possibilities and discovering opportunities on 15th, 16th and 17th of October, 2021.

Information about Registration and Claiming your Digital Certificate

Several sessions at the conference are free to attend, however a small fee is charged for those interested in obtaining a certificate of attendance. This will qualify you for a digital certificate of attendance as well as a digital badge of participation. This would also register you for a free subscription of Hybrid Institute’s weekly digital newsletter for the remainder of the academic year as well as the post-summit whitepapers.

Click here for the payment instructions to obtain your digital certificate.

Attend the All Pakistan Online Education Summit to request the your certificate of participation

Deposit 1000 Rupees of processing fee in the bank based on the information provided below

Send us a screenshot of your bank slip to [email protected] with your full legal name

Hybrid Institute will confirm the payment of your fee that you deposited via email

Hybrid Institute will issue a soft copy of your certificate as well as a digital badge

Mezzi Marketing

Hybrid Institute of Contemporary Studies cordially invites you to the All Pakistan Online Education Summit (APOES 3.0 ) as our distinguished guest. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing you, virtually.

Please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call at 0300-0504884 with regards to any enquiries.

Join us to discuss emerging trends and challenges
in higher education due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Join your fellow learning professionals, educators and administrators to hear from the experts and collaborate on solving the challenges we all face in higher education due to COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll get the chance to hear from regional and international experts regarding current and emerging trends in online learning, collaborate and network with your peers on top-of-mind challenges that may impact the future of higher education in Pakistan.


The Hybrid Institute is proud to have excellent relationships with a number of supporters and sponsors. We extend our sincere appreciation, because without them this virtual summit would not be possible.

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Thanks to our wonderful sponsors!

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