Elite 21st Century Worker

Hybrid Institute is inviting you to learn about why dedication is the fuel of the elite 21st century worker, the power of the metacognitive approach to teaching 21st century skills, and how the next level of emotional intelligence training can give your students an edge.

Todd Macadangdang, is the keynote speaker, who is a creative professional with over 18 years experience in the Ed-Tech industry. Over the years, Todd has created educational interactive course content, web apps, videos, games and more recently VR simulations. He spent time in the corporate world, working for Adobe System for five years and a Paramount educational company for five years. An experienced Project manager, his clients have included Disney, National Geographic and Nickelodeon. Todd is the innovator and Program Director of the cutting edge school-to-work skills program, MindSage. As an accomplished public speaker and trainer, Todd has spoken to audiences ranging in size from several hundred to several thousands. Todd is also an effective trainer in smaller groups and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Established in 2011, the ETA Media has focused its energy on improving individual student’s abilities, potential and success by developing the most important tool the student processes: their Mindset. The MindSage course works to improve and address student attitudes, perspectives, habits, and traits in order to give them an edge in the workplace and life.

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