Online Course Exhibition

Hybrid Institute invites everyone to experience graduate/undergraduate level online courses from University of Derby (Derby), Solent University (Southampton) and Nottingham Trent University (Nottingham). This is a great opportunity for each of you to explore the possibilities with online education and to see the UK’s eLearning model. This presentation is being offered by Mr. Nauman M. Ali from the United Kingdom who is leading digital revolution in the UK and globally.

The guest speaker, Mr. Nauman M. Ali, is a senior business analyst and academic professional. He has over 17 years of expertise in strategic business analysis in areas associated with Strategic Management, Operations (including BPI & BPR), Marketing (Strategic & Digital) while working within different decision-making levels in industries like manufacturing, construction, retail, design and innovation management.

Nauman has vast experience as an academic professional while working with different Higher education institutes in the UK and overseas. He has vast experience of online and on-campus teaching while using modern technologies for the enhanced interactive learner experience. He is also visiting academics in different institutes around the world.

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