Proctoring is defined as a mechanism to ensure the authenticity of the test taker and prevent one from cheating. Hybrid Institute of Contemporary Studies is offering its clients a revolutionary product in the form of eProctoring. Our eProctoring makes sure that all the exams and assessments to be taken through the LMS are cheat proof. It simply integrates with our HiLearn LMS and uses advanced AI algorithms to monitor the students’ attempts and makes sure they do not cheat or plagiarize their exams. Our eProctoring was created to work with HiLearn and uses the question bank in your courses. Just create a new quiz, create or import questions and deliver secure exams. Our eProctoring system is a pioneering system for Pakistan that ensures that the online learning programs maintain credibility and integrity. We provide these solutions in exclusive partnerships with world renowned firms, and will confidently deliver a truly customized solution based on your unique requirements.