Vision & Mission

Hybrid Institute of Contemporary Studies provides best in class quality training and education to learners via bespoke "Hi5 Learning Methodology" and robust "HiLearn LMS" platform with a focus to achieve 100% customer delight, and be recognized as the “best of breed” in our specialty fields by offering large-scale academic solutions with a personal touch.


Transforming learners into agile practitioners, disruptive thinkers and eclectic personalities


To improve the quality of life for individuals and communities through the integration of contemporary knowledge, practical skills and modern technologies


Achieve, Approachable, Nostalgic experiences, Seamless Service, Success, Future, Fun, Flexible

Key Differentiators

We take pride in sharing with you, a few of our differentiators.

Here are some of our key differentiators that place us a cut above the rest!

Project Based Learning

Where the ordinary classroom only offers theory-based learning, HI offers a project-based learning environment, where learners are challenged to apply the concepts & theories learned in a practical fashion. The learners are encouraged to practically apply their knowledge, in various ways, to seek meaningful answers. The goal is to make our learners critical thinkers who can solve problems with minimal assistance.

Peer Learning

HI strongly encourages networking among its learners to promote the sharing of knowledge among them. Through peer learning, learners grasp the true essence of the concepts they are studying. Instead of having only the individualized learning activities, our courses are focused on a group-based format, which has proven to be highly effective to meet the learning goals.

Learning To Learn

HI aims to offer something other than rote-memorization and learning for the sake of grades. The environment that we provide is stress-free and the methods we use are accurate so that our learners actually learn and take substantial and useful knowledge away with them. Thus, our learners are studying to learn, through by using online as well as offline tools, made available to them!


Meta-learning framework deployed at HI, provides a 24×7 access of the content to its learners. Whereby, learners have ample opportunities to absorb content at their own pace, time, path, and space.

Focused Curriculum

The curriculum designed at HI is focused at enhancing technical skills, increasing learners’ confidence level and lastly polishing their soft skills and to integrate in its learners the characteristics of innovation, entrepreneurship, sense of purpose and community-building.

Learning By Doing

By engaging our learners in hands-on activities, we aim to sharpen their learned skills so that they can better apply them in practical situations that their work calls for. This, in turn, results in empowering the learners with better knowledge of ground realities resulted from real life situations.